Peter Gärdenfors

Termin: 14.06.2018 - 15.06.2018
Miejsce: sala 13
Pracownia Retoryki Logicznej oraz Zakład Kognitywistyki zapraszają na wykłady
Profesora Petera Gärdenforsa (Lund University):
14 czerwca, godz. 11, sala 13: The evolution of teaching. How Homo became docens.


Abstrakt: Something happened during the evolution of Homo sapiens that also made us Homo docens – the teaching animal. Based on evidence about animal and hominin learning, I analyze the evolution of intentional teaching by a series of levels that require increasing capacities of mindreading and communication on the part of the teacher and the learner: (1) evaluative feedback, (2) drawing attention, (3) demonstrating, (4) communicating concepts, (5) explaining relations between concepts and (6) narrating. As regards the archaeological evidence for the different levels, I argue that even early stone tool technologies required intentional teaching by demonstration. 


15 czerwca, godz. 10, sala 13: A semantic theory of word classes

Abstrakt: Within linguistics a word class is defined in grammatical terms as a set of words that exhibit the same syntactic properties. In this lecture the aim is to argue that the meanings of different word classes can be given a cognitive grounding. It is shown that with the aid of conceptual spaces, a geometric analysis can be provided for the major word classes. A universal single-domain thesis is proposed, saying that words in all content word classes, except for nouns, refer to a single domain.


Peter Gärdenfors jest profesorem kognitywistyki w Uniwersytecie w Lund. Jego zainteresowania badawcze dotyczą przede wszystkim modelowania procesów nabywania pojęć, a także ewolucji myślenia i języka. Jego najbardziej znane publikacje to "Conceptual spaces: the geometry of thought" (2000, MIT Press), "The dynamics of thought”, (2005, Springer) oraz "Geometry of meaning: semantics based on conceptual spaces"  (2014, MIT Press).

Data opublikowania: 23.02.2015
Osoba publikująca: Anna Tomaszewska